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Kelly Rowland ft. Future, Bei Maejor - Need A Reason | Download Link

2012 Summer Jumpoff Pt.2 Click Here.
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but why is a picture of my room on tumblr…? awks 
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"At some point you will realize that you have done too much for someone, that the only next possible step to do is to stop. Leave them alone. Walk away. it’s not like you’re giving up, and it’s not like you shouldn’t try. It’s just that you have to draw the line of determination from desperation. What is truly yours will eventually be yours, and what is not, no matter how hard you try, will never be."
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"It’s hard to accept, but you can’t change the past. You can’t go back and manipulate things to the way you wanted them to happen. Because life’d be meaningless and boring and just not worth living. But you can change the future and that’s a beautiful thing about life. Yes, you will make mistakes. And yes, you will have bad days - but as long as you let the past go, you’ll have such a gorgeous and bright future ahead of you. Knowing that things were meant to happen. Knowing that each day you will learn something so that you keep growing to be a better person. Life is like a rope, twined in all its complexities and yet weaved into one marvelous stream that you have the chance you use something amazing from. So grab hold of it."
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